Effect of azimuth on solar installed at home/industry/commercial building

Saturday, 30 December, 2017

Designing layout for a solar installation is an expert job and needs to be done with utmost care. There are two important considerations while designing solar panels installation , one is inclination of the panels and another is direction. The angle of tilt should be latitude of the place wherever the installation is being done to optimize the radiation of solar and direction should be true south.

While angle of tilt is easy to control ,the direction is not always possible to be maintained. If the building roof on which solar panels are to be installed is such that structure installation is not possible in true south direction then there is bound to be loss of generation. We have seen a lot of installations where because of paucity of space and ignorance of installer and client the solar plants are installed without giving a thought to tilt & direction and only aesthetic considerations are valued . This way though the client can be impressed but the very purpose of installing solar plant to generate rated power is compromised.

In case it is necessary then also the installer should try and reduce the impact of azimuth . To have a clear picture of loss of generation the following table may be used.