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Solar Shingle

Should You Replace Solar Panels with Solar Shingles?

Solar shingles, also known as solar roof tiles, are made from thin photovoltaic (PV) sheets. They can either cover or replace the existing shingles on a roof. They take in solar energy and transform it into electricity.

Solar Microgrid

Solar Microgrids: All you need to know

Solar microgrids are connected power grids or networks. The system collects, stores, and provides clean electricity to an entire town or city using energy produced by the sun.


Perovskite: Future of Solar Cells

Perovskites come in many different forms, but the ones that are most intriguing to the solar business are crystals made of organic and inorganic molecules joined to lead or tin atoms.

6 Innovative Applications of Solar Energy

6 Innovative Applications of Solar Energy

Innovations and discoveries are constantly occurring in the field of solar energy. The pioneers in this field are constantly seeking more and more affordable ways to meet the demands of an eco-friendly future.

9 Cool Solar Power Gadgets in India

9 Cool Solar Power Gadgets in India

With advancements in technology, a vast number of solar power gadgets and products have been designed that are as efficient as regular electronics.