Sizes and Features of Solar Panels available in Delhi/NCR

Friday, 8 December, 2017

With the advancement in technology, the sizes of the solar panels are reducing to provide the same potential of electricity. Right now the panels available in delhi / NCR can provide up to 340 Watts of power from a single panel. It means three would be a requirement of at least 3 panels if one wishes to generate 1 KW of solar power.

The panel sizes generally available in the markets will include panels from 250 watts onwards. Commonly available will include panel sizes of 315 watts, 330 watts and so on.

The panel size of a 315 watt panel will be around 2.0 meter X 1.0 meter based on the specifications provided by key suppliers. Typical specs of a panel are as follows –

Power (Wp)320
Length (m)1.956
Width (m)0.991
Efficiency (%)16.51
Positive Power Tolerance (W)0-5
Product Warranty (Years)10
Linear Power Output Warranty (Years)25
Warranted Degradation: Year 1 (%)2.50
Warranted Power Output in Year 1 (%)97.50
Degradation after 10 years (%)10.00
Warranted Degradation/Year 2-25 (%)0.70
Warranted Power Output after 25 Years (%)80.70
Guaranteed Power (1-10 Years) (%)90.00
Guaranteed Power (10-25 Years) (%)

The warranties are provided by the supplier which are transferred back to back to the consumers.