Maintenance Of Solar Power Plant in India: Everything You Need to know

Monday, 30 May, 2022

Maintenance of Solar Power Plant in India -

Maintenance of solar power plant is important if you want to enjoy its long term benefits. If you want your solar plant to offer the optimal power generation that it is capable of, you need to ensure that the plant infrastructure and equipment are well maintained. If you want to extend your plant’s lifespan with minimal depreciation and damage, then you need to make sure that effective operation and maintenance are carried out regularly.

There would be a lot of questions running in your head regarding the maintenance of solar power plant. But do not worry, we have tried to answer all your queries and doubts about solar system maintenance.

1. Do solar panels need maintenance?

Yes, solar panels require maintenance to function properly. There is only light cleaning involved in that as well, about two or three times a year. The only time you may need extensive maintenance is during periods of heavy rainfall or dust storm, which can hinder solar panels’ performance.

2. Can you monitor the health of your solar panels?

Yes, you can monitor the health of the solar panels through an app. Lower energy output could be an indication that your panels are obstructed by something and that’s why they are not able to generate the typical amount of electricity. By installing a solar panel monitoring system, you can track how much energy your panels produce on any given day, and how much they produce generally.

3. How to do a quick check of your solar panels?

Check if there’s any dust, bird droppings, or any other obstruction in your solar panel system. This is because any such obstruction can hamper the solar radiation which will eventually lower electricity generation. You can also ensure that there’s no external or internal damage such as glass breakage or wear. Have a quick look around the inverter ventilation area or other openings. There could be excessive dirt, water, or insects in these areas that might hinder the working of any electrical equipment. In colder climates, if lichens grow over the solar cells, it would hamper the performance of your solar power plant. It can also lead to reverse current which can result in permanent cell damage.

4. How to maintain your solar panels?

It might seem a lot but the good news is that solar panel maintenance does not require much work. Make sure to clean your solar panels at least twice a year or more frequently in dusty environments. Use water and a soft broom or a duster for cleaning. Solvents and detergents should be avoided as they can scratch the glass. Vinegar can be used to kill the lichen or algae on your solar panels. A certified solar professional can be hired for safety measures.

5. What to do if there are any defects?

If you see any defects such as cracks, water leaks, or delamination, note them down and monitor their generation output. If these defects or damages cause your equipment to perform lower than the rated value, then replace the defective parts as soon as possible. You can also check the wiring and connections for corrosion.

6. Any tips for maintenance of solar power plant?

  1. Keep your solar panels out of the shade as they will become inefficient if kept away from absorbing any sun rays.
  2. Monitor the daily performance of your solar panels. It is important to write down how much energy has been produced at a consistent time every day and make note of dates where the results were inconsistent. You can ask the people who installed your solar plant for the best monitoring system for your solar panels.
  3. You can also buy a solar panel cleaning kit for yourself. With this kit, you will have all the things you need for cleaning the equipment and you would not have to run for things at your home.
  4. Make sure to get the solar panel warranty from your manufacturer. Power output warranties guarantee that panel performance won’t fall below a specified level over the term of the warranty. Also, you will have support and coverage in the unlikely event of an issue caused by unusual circumstances.
  5. You can choose a solar company that will provide you with 24/7 system monitoring, maintenance, and insurance for up to 25 years. If something goes wrong and electricity production falls, the solar company will know and will come to fix it immediately.


Remember, once your solar energy system is set up and running, there’s not much you’ll need to do to maintain it. You can forget about your bills and enjoy clean and affordable energy for years to come. Since solar panels have no moving parts, they’re fairly low-maintenance and just a little cleaning will do. When you use the above-given tips and solutions, your solar panels will function efficiently.

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