How to maintain solar system installed at house or work place?

Friday, 1 December, 2017

Getting a solar system, for generating solar energy for home/industrial/commercial roof top or ground mounted, is only a small part of the effort, the key is in maintaining the performance of the solar system month on month basis. According to estimates, regular maintenance can increase the performance by 30% of the solar system installed over your roof or on the ground.

Preventive maintenance techniques can help to provide higher unit generation from your solar system. Few of the simple techniques are discussed below –

    1. Periodic Cleaning of Panels: Monthly cleaning of solar panels is the most basic technique to get higher generation from solar system. Air in Delhi and national capital region (NCR) especially remains highly polluted with suspended dust particles which gets deposited over the panel. Pigeons and other birds also dirty the panels which can significantly reduce the generation. Few ways to do it are as follows –
      • Clean the panels with water from a garden hose. But don’t put cold water on the hot panels as it may damage the panels.
      • Use a soft sponge with soapy water if the cleaning required is more.
      • If it is difficult to reach the panels due to height and other physical barriers, better to call a professional agency to clean the panels.


  1. Use Pigeon Guards: Install the pigeon guards at the top of the solar panels to discourage the birds sit on the top. It has been an effective way to reduce the pigeon poop getting deposited on your solar panels.