Delhi Jal Board shows the way – goes solar

Tuesday, 23 June, 2015

The Delhi Jal Board shows the way in Delhi…

The Delhi Jal Board has installed a solar power plant on the rooftops of their underground reservoirs. The 50 KW plant comprises 200X250 watt solar panels and 2X25 KW grid-tie inverters. It is projected to generate 90,000 units of electricity per year, likely to give a saving of Rs. 7.2 lakhs in a year. Actual generation of 6,600 units and saving of Rs. 55,000 have been reported for a month. The solar insolation levels for Delhi at 5 kWh/sq. m./day are lower than Rajasthan or Gujarat which can give annual yields of around 1500 kWh/kW.

The solar rooftop potential for the city has been estimated at about 2.6 GW from about 4.4% of the total rooftop area and 1.6% of its land area. This potential lies across 49% residential roofspace and 51% commercial, industrial and institutional roofspace. The Regulator has already announced the net metering policy and the discoms are taking steps towards the development of projects in various demand segments. Delhi Metro is also deploying solar rooftop projects at its stations. The DJB project will serve as a good example to other Government and public bodies to plan such projects to not only provide savings in their power bills but also to provide relief to the city’s power system, particularly daytime loads in the stressed summer months when demand is maximum and solar generation is at its peak. Hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, guest houses, hostels, educational institutions and commercial complexes should come forward to tap into this opportunity!